Cloud solutions for on-demand access to shared data and resources.

The cloud is the hottest buzzword in IT and for good reason. A cloud solution provides:

  • Speed and flexibility with high performance computing power
  • Scalability and the capacity to handle big data
  • Improved security and easier upgrades and patches
  • One platform for software integration
  • Easier budgeting with monthly operating costs rather than big capital expenses

Tailoring a Cloud Solution to meet your specific needs ensures you maximise your return on every area of your infrastructure.

A Private Cloud solution moves your services into a cloud environment hosted on a pool of computers that only your organisation can access. This provides you with the greatest level of control and security and is appropriate for organisations that store and process sensitive data.

Datcom build private cloud environments which enable data, applications and desktop environments to live in a secure cloud allowing you ultimate flexibility and scalability without the cost of a data centre or extra hardware in your office.


Our Public Cloud solutions let you bring your resources and services to the Internet, including applications. Compete on a level playing field with Fortune 500 corporations through the agility and cost saving of a centralised solution that all your staff and customers can access.


A Hybrid Cloud solution combines our Public cloud with your Private Cloud, providing you with secure access within your business and also allowing open services and data to the public in a controlled manner.

Access Office Files – Anywhere

With the cloud you have direct access to shared folders and files. No more saving, sending and worrying about versions. And when you’re on the move you can work on your files as if you were on your local PC.

Multi-User File Sharing

Share files and databases easily. Whether your sales team needs to simultaneously access ACT! or more than one person needs to use your industry specific software database at the same time.

Multi-User Remote Access

If you’re like many Australian businesses with remote staff or reps on the road the cloud is the ideal solution to enable multiple users to remotely access office computers at the same time. Their own session ensures they don’t interfere with each other.

Connect Office Databases

With the cloud you can connect local office applications to the head office database servers (eg e-mail and SQL databases).

Connect With Mobile Devices

Today, smart phones and tablets are a must in business to enable mobile connectivity. However if they’re not able to access office files they’re only fulfilling a fraction of their value. The cloud ensures your team have true mobile-office connectivity.


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