Enterprise-level IT Security

Managed I.T. network security

You will sleep easy knowing your IT is secure, protected by the most sophisticated and up-to-date enterprise level security software.

  • 24/7 monitoring and management
  • Perimeter protection – defending your network against intrusions from worms, trojans, spyware, SQL injection and P2P attacks amongst other threats
  • Firewall management
  • Antivirus and spam filtering
  • Scanning for and fixing vulnerabilities
  • Creating and enforcing security policies
  • Specialised security reporting
  • Wireless and remote user management
  • Responding immediately to security emergencies

Managed protection for your IP

A secure centralised business portal.

  • Houses all of your intellectual property in one location and only available within the portal
  • Enables you to assign specific access permissions for each employee to avoid unauthorised access
  • Prevents the risk of misplacing or losing files
  • Ensures no competitor breaches
  • Protects from staff downloading and departing with your hard-earned IP

Managed workstations

Keep your staff happy and productive with preventative maintenance. This valuable service:

  • Ensures the machine is always ‘available’
  • Cleans up memory hungry temp files and redundant zip files long since opened, extracted and used, which hog memory
  • Defrags drives to reduce the effort the machine needs to process data
  • Updates drivers for printers, modems and other devices to ensure they work without a hitch
  • Deletes browser cache and history files to speed up internet searching
  • Checks the reboot system – when computers are left on all the time there is no guarantee they will reboot when turned off

Managed mobile

Management of all mobile devices, support and reporting.

  • Standardise configuration for fast and easy use
  • Enforce Security Protocols to avoid infecting your data
  • Track & report on all company mobile assets
  • Managed device warranty to ensure devices are fixed or replaced
  • Track device location via GPS & remotely wipe lost devices to protect company IP


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