Hardware and Software

Our skilled team develop detailed network architecture and deployment plans for any network requirements.

Building the most efficient systems possible for your business’ needs and working to decrease complexity and cost, we can show you how to squeeze more performance out of your existing network, or expand into new architecture.

We work closely with many of the industry’s top vendors, including HP, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Apple, NEC, Citrix, EMC and Barracuda among others. Datcom specialise in getting you better deals and identifying the correct hardware and software for your situation, ensuring it will all play nicely together.

With the right procurement planning, your hardware package can be tailored to reduce power and storage costs. This approach alleviates network support issues and ensures forward-looking compatibility.

Our team of sales professionals and technical engineers can develop a solution suited to the needs of any sized business, in any industry, in any location.

Our skilled team can assess your requirements and source relevant hardware and software options. This ensures your business processes are catered for in both the present and the future.

Datcom’s hardware procurement and asset management lifecycle offers our customers the complete supply chain solution, from product planning and selection through to product deployment and eventual disposal.

Our high-level partnerships with vendors means we are uniquely positioned to assist businesses with configuration, purchasing, installation, production support and maintenance.

Large enough to benefit from these partnerships, we are proud of our agility and responsiveness, offering our clients ongoing support.

Equipment can be forward ordered, pre-configured, quality assured, asset tagged and deployed to any site nationally.

In addition, when the hardware reaches the conclusion of its lifecycle, all equipment can be securely disposed. Our solutions encompass equipment ranging from PCs, laptops, tablets, network devices, printers, appliances, servers, blade server chassis and racks.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient procurement and timely supply of ICT hardware
  • A single contact for hardware and software from multiple vendors to offer truly bespoke solutions
  • Quality assured pre-configuration of equipment
  • Highly trained engineers who enable efficient national deployment
  • Green and secure disposal of old equipment
  • Expertise across the full spectrum of procurement, configuration and deployment
  • Experience in developing relationships with our vendors from which our clients can benefit
  • Strong and proven stakeholder management and capability
  • Reliable and accountable customer service
  • Skilled engineering team who work with our clients to create the right solutions
  • Philosophy of building on referral business has led to loyal client relationships

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