The CIO Paradox

Focused on the future but tethered by technology decisions of the past? We’re here to help.

Your role is to be strategic but you’re forced to spend most of your time on operational issues.

  • Outsourcing basic operational functions to a specialist IT service provider like Datcom can free your team from the shackles of daily fire fighting, so they have the time to work with you on the strategies which will propel your business forward.

The company reports in quarters while technology is a long term investment.

  • We understand one of the greatest challenges of the modern CIO is managing the expectations of boards who want the best IT support, infrastructure and capabilities but struggle to accept the impact on the P&L.
  • Datcom’s Cloud networking, Infrastructure as a Service, Backup as a Service and Software as a Service changes the way you can access the products and services you need without battling with the board.

Your department is now expected to contribute to driving the business yet they’re seen as a service provider.

  • While your department are providing the standard desktop support on a daily basis to staff from the most junior through to the C suite, your team will struggle to change your internal customer’s view.
  • Outsource this basic ‘service provider’ function to help change the internal company perception, enabling you to drive your business with strategic, thought leadership IT management.

You are expected to innovate and yet you’re responsible for cost control and risk mitigation.

  • The easiest way to manage costs is to know from the outset what they will be. Our FLAT RATE managed IT services guarantees you’ll never have any nasty P&L surprises. And costs are amortised evenly across the year so there will be no cost spikes to be interrogated.
  • Let us help you mitigate your IP risks with our enterprise-level security solutions. Rely on the expertise of our Level 1 solution engineers to ensure your projects are successfully delivered on time and on budget.
  • Supercharge your team with access to one of Australia’s highest level HP Specialist System Engineers.
  • An on-call team consistently trained & certified for up-to-the-minute expertise in all support and development areas.
  • Experienced in a huge range of operating systems, applications and platforms. PCs to mobiles, servers & network equipment.
  • Get support from a team with the highest certifications.

We listen.

  • At Datcom the first thing we do is listen to your needs.
  • The second thing we do is drive the process, liaising with you and key members of your team to design the best and most cost-effective solution for your needs.
  • We`ll be with you every step of the way. We treat our clients as long term partners and it is in our best interests to make sure your best interests are front and centre in everything we deliver.

We act.

  • We`re experienced at meeting the most demanding time lines, and sympathetic to the fact that deliverables need to be achieved in the context of an operating business.
  • Our Managing Director is available to meet with you to discuss how Datcom can support your IT leadership and business growth.


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