Hardware & Software

Simplicity is always at the forefront of our plans, with a very well-honed delivery system.

To bundle or not to bundle?

We design, source and implement the architecture which best meets your network requirements, ensuring deployment plans are delivered to maximum effect.

Wherever possible we`ll recommend packaged solutions which achieve excellent results and maximise savings. This could include improving performance from your current network while still introducing the latest network architecture.

We`ll work with you and our partners to ensure you`re at least one step ahead of your competition, delivering the best results for your customers.

We’re process driven.

We appreciate that procurement is just one small part of your role. We will work with you to ensure best practice industry standards are not only maintained but exceeded in the context of your organisation’s needs, including:

  • Centralised software rollout/upgrade
  • Network and user share management
  • Desktop support procedures
  • Training scheduling and delivery
  • Code and data deployment
  • Environment migration planning

Money isn’t all we’ll save you.

Not only will you save space and money, together we`ll help save the world.

Your carbon footprint will be reduced through consolidation of your hardware solutions, including minimised power consumption.

Our virtualisation process allows you to absorb heavy workloads and expand without the carbon footprint heavy, not to mention capex heavy, requirement of upfront server purchases.

And you`ll need less rackspace with fewer servers.


Allows you to manage your network from a secure locally hosted environment, with scalable servers and architecture to ensure your company’s growth isn’t limited by your network. Upgrades are required less frequently, and can be implemented more swiftly, thereby decreasing your costs while allowing you to respond with agility to any changes in requirements. You also have the benefit of world-class data centres managing your hardware, providing a level of availability out of reach from a complexity and cost perspective for most companies managing it themselves.


  • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
  • Simplified management
  • Virtualisation of servers and desktop
  • Increased infrastructure scalability
  • Increased automation of upgrades and management tasks
  • Increased security and data protection
  • Speak with one of our team now to discuss your procurement or aaS needs or to request a quote



Switching your desktop software to run as a service dramatically increases the performance of your applications and makes management, upgrades and data protection much easier.


  • Increase in performance
  • Efficiency in upgrades and management
  • Increase in security and data management/protection
  • Standard operating environment
  • Anywhere, anytime access via the internet



Lets you move your desktop environments to a cloud based solution. You only need a basic PC, laptop or thin client in the office to access staff workstations, with the actual hardware doing all the heavy lifting in the cloud. This reduces your overheads on desktop machines and enable easy, seamless upgrades at the data centre to ensure your users have all the computing power they need.


  • Reduced workstation costs
  • More centralised management regime
  • Efficiency in upgrades and management
  • Standardised IT infrastructure
  • Increased data management and protection, reducing the likelihood of losing data.
  • 24 x 7 access to complete workstations from anywhere in the world

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