Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service provides a system for the storage and recovery of critical files.

BaaS can substantially reduce risk, lower capital costs and eliminate the time and complexity of managing backup applications and offsite storage and access.

There are three main Backup as a Service options with the ideal solution for your business dependent on your environment and compliance needs:

Managed Cloud BaaS

This is the simplest option, utilising a cloud environment. We install software agents on your servers and our qualified, experienced backup engineers remotely manage all backup and restore functions through our backup systems.

Hybrid Model BaaS

A local, on premise, backup appliance allows for swift recovery while deduped files copied to the cloud reduce your risk of complete loss of data should a local disaster occur.

Disaster Recovery BaaS

If uptime is of critical importance to your business and you need your system to resume as a fully functional entity within less than an hour, BaaS Disaster Recovery is your ideal option. We can provide a private cloud to replicate your on-premise system to fulfil your backup storage needs. Our qualified backup engineers then remotely manage all failover and fallback operation.

Access world leading Public BaaS offerings through Datcom:

  • Microsoft
  • Barracuda
  • Symantec
  • HP
  • Storage Craft
  • Veeam

For advice on the most appropriate option for your organisation, phone 02 8651 1111

Benefits of BaaS through Datcom

  • Benefit from our volume pricing. Our wholesale relationship enables us to provide clients with BaaS services at prices that beat going direct.
  • Our qualified backup engineers configure your backups, based on your unique environment, to maximise backup speed while avoiding impact on your network. Only important and relevant data is backed up (only replacing already backed up data with updated files) saving both time and bandwidth.
  • We ensure your back up environment is stable, monitor backups and SLAs, trouble shoot backup failures, manage capacity thresholds, and initiate restores.
  • Industry leading security and encryption protecting your IP.
  • Rapid deployment and scalable storage.
  • Predictable subscription pricing makes budgeting easy.
  • Professional services to assist with initial setup and management of your BaaS environment.

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