Software as a Service

Subscription based software, accessed using a thin client via a web browser, has become a popular delivery method for business applications.

There are many benefits to adopting SaaS however your specific business needs will determine whether it is appropriate.

SaaS benefits:


Subscription based SaaS enables businesses to amortise costs over a longer period, reducing the cash flow impact of upfront software licence fees and hardware costs. Depending on the frequency with which you purchase upgrades for your software (usually these are available every couple of years), the cost to access the software as SaaS is usually less and there are reduced, or no associated infrastructure costs. It is, however, important to factor into your calculations the hidden costs. This includes the internet bandwidth required, whether staff can use the software as is or whether customisation will be required and the break point for your company size, where purchasing on premise software licences makes better economic sense.


With more and more businesses adopting flexible working arrangements for staff, the ability to access software from any device, anywhere in the world, is becoming more and more important. Most SaaS software options are web and mobile friendly, offering greater accessibility.


SaaS enables growth much more quickly and easily with a simple adjustment to your subscription compared with the purchase and set up of additional licences and the impact on in-house server capacity.


With SaaS you eliminate a substantial amount of time dedicated by your IT staff to upgrades.

SaaS is not ideal for every business, particularly if your business has high-level connectivity needs or strict company policy compliance requirements.

To assess whether SaaS is right for your business, Datcom invests time analysing and understanding your business objectives, including the organisation’s future roadmap, its current software usage and company workflow to enable us to provide a recommendation on whether SaaS is your best option.

Access SaaS through Datcom:

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Adobe
  • MYOB
  • Salesforce
  • Symantec
  • VMware
  • Barracuda
  • SolarWinds N-Able

Call us to discuss how we can help you assess whether SaaS is right for your organisation. Ph 02 8651 1111

Benefit of accessing SaaS through Datcom

  • Benefit from our volume pricing. Our wholesale relationship with each SaaS vendor enables us to provide clients with SaaS solutions at prices that beat dealing with vendors directly (excludes Government, academic & charity organisations)
  • We will handle your migration and set up
  • Managed Service to provide one point of contact for ALL your SaaS software. We take the headache out of managing each SaaS software vendor relationship providing you with:

Basic admin, including establishing new users, helping users to set up on local PCs

Licence management for all users

  • Our experience with the software enables us to provide you with swift help desk support not directly available from the SaaS vendor
  • For more complex issues requiring the vendor’s input, we are able to solve issues more quickly than dealing direct as a result of our priority wholesale partner relationships

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