Project Implementation

Datcom have implemented an extensive variety of projects since 1997.

Our team specialise in a range of implementation services, spanning large infrastructure redesigns and cloud migrations through to integrating client-sourced equipment and conducting large-scale business relocations. Datcom excel in delivering seamless transitions.

We believe the success of any project implementation hinges on clearly defined objectives, excellent communication and collaboration, diligent risk mitigation planning, detailed scheduling, thorough training and comprehensive documentation to ensure an excellent user experience.

Datcom’s IT Project Management Process

  • Executive Summary & Purpose
  • Project Definition
  • Project Scoping
  • Exclusions
  • Assumptions, Constraints & Dependencies
  • Deliverables
  • Responsibilities
  • Resources
  • Detailed Implementation Plan
  • Schedule
  • Change Management
  • Risk & Issue Management
  • Training
  • Post Implementation Support

Here are just some of Datcom’s more recently completed IT Project Management engagements:

Large scale, physical server to virtualisation migration for a leading data centre.

We utilised VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, incorporating hardware and operating system upgrades along with data conversion across 30+ servers. This client required high-level configuration and remote monitoring setup. Client contact details can be provided on request.


Large scale migration from physical in-house server to Datcom Cloud.

This client required specific database applications with total mobility across multiple branches. We designed and implemented a wide-area-network and internet for all sites with fail-over redundancy. Client contact details can be provided on request.


Migration from a traditional IT system to Private Cloud.

The client requirements were high uptime and a scalable system to enable their accounting consultants to operate at the client premises. We designed and implemented a private cloud with virtual desktops, a solution also delivering fail-over for high uptime and scalability. Client contact details can be provided on request.


Swift office relocation project with new IT and telecom equipment for 300+ staff.

We were responsible for the co-ordination and management of the installation of new desktop equipment and IP phones across multiple levels of a new tenancy. The client’s very short timeline requirement was satisfied by our ability to mobilise very swiftly and manage multiple resources after hours to limit the interruption to this business of 300+ staff. Client contact details can be provided on request.


Network design re-structure for a prominent education facility.

This IT project involved system strategy planning and solution design consultation, phases for planning, discovery, risk assessment and resources. The results culminating in software/network re-structuring to enable better management, automation and security for students and teachers. Client contact details can be provided on request.


Data Centre set up for synchronously and automatically mirrored data between geographic sites.

We created a unique design for the HP StoreVirtual Multi Site SAN to provide an Active/Active DR solution. Our team utilised HyperV Cluster 2012, setup the Cloud System Matrix and assisted in the migration of the client’s critical services including Clustered SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Lync Server. Client contact details can be provided on request.

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