Solution Architecture

Our team has a wealth of experience, enabling us to quickly understand the heart of each challenge.

We take a deep, tactical and agile approach to create conceptual models and formal specifications, on time and on budget.

Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s a hardware failure or a natural disaster, your business won’t skip a beat. The Datcom Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a tailored recovery solution to ensure that no matter what breaks, your data is protected and your IT infrastructure will be back up and running in the shortest time possible.



Network & Security Platforms

The risk of security breaches and the potential for loss, theft or corruption of critical data is now a genuine threat.

  • Datcom works closely with partners, including HP and Cisco, to deliver a powerful, reliable and secure network environment built specifically for your business requirements.
  • Our data centres provide a secure environment for your applications and data.
  • We can provide managed protection of your company IP through a secure centralised business portal.
  • Our managed workstation security takes the worry out of managing staff actions, which could compromise your network or data.
  • We manage mobile devices, set up and enforce security, to ensure your staff phones can’t do any damage to your network or data.



Unified Communications

As a wholesale partner of some of the largest communications companies in Australia, Datcom can provide you with a complete communications package including Internet, Voice and Data. These services are fully integrated with your network architecture, often at prices you won’t be offered when you go direct!


  • Fibre Optics
  • Ethernet
  • Wireless
  • VPN and Secure networking
  • Wholesale carrier supply
  • Voice Over IP
  • Direct Level 1 support by the Datcom team


  • Telephone connections
  • Switchboard services
  • Custom Telecoms hardware
  • SIP Services
  • ISDN Solutions
  • Direct Level 1 support by the Datcom team

“HP technology and Datcom’s high-level expertise offer the skills we need to deliver exceptional service levels to our global customers.”

Andrew Moss, Head of Projects & IT, Cash Services Australia

CSA wanted to refresh their technology infrastructure and increase their agility in the competitive financial services market.

Our solution:

  • Increased the efficiency of CSA’s IT investment
  • Cut energy consumption by 60%, reducing costs and improving sustainability outcomes
  • Built a flexible environment that’s easier to manage and modify
  • Added extra capacity without the need for capital expenditure
  • Built a framework that enables new and more efficient ways of delivering process improvements

IT Managers

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