Hybrid Cloud

On-prem or off-prem? Mix and match however you like

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At Datcom, we believe that a Hybrid approach is the way of the future – because it offers you the best of all possible worlds.

Hybrid Cloud

As an IT professional, you’ll undoubtedly have your own views about Cloud computing.

Undoubtedly, some workloads perform better on-prem (for example, when you need split-second access to large files). However, many others will be quite satisfactory off-prem.

We’ll consult closely with you and your stakeholders – to ensure everyone’s expectations are being met.

Over the years, we’ve refined our expertise across all major public cloud providers. We’ll help you address any potential issues with integration, connectivity, identity management, authentication, security and governance.

Our mature methodologies enable you to integrate workloads seamlessly, no matter how many cloud providers you choose.



Innovative technology the way you want it


Everyone has a different view of the Cloud. We’ll work closely with your stakeholders to carefully orchestrate your Cloud, from start to finish.

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A Discovery Assessment is an opportunity for Datcom to evaluate your operations and explore solutions that maximise efficiency.

Through a comprehensive review, we’ll recommend the most effective solution or transformation that will not only support your business today, but help drive it into the future.

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