Network services

Comprehensive data connectivity

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When it comes to network services, no two solutions are the same. Get a network tailored solution designed for your physical and virtual network environment that delivers on reliability and performance.

Network Services

You can choose from a wide range of options, including:

  • Fixed or wireless business Ethernet
  • Fibre or copper connectivity depending on location
  • Secure Local Area Networks
  • International Data Links
  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

We’re not aligned with any single telco, so we’re in a good position to ensure you get optimal price/speed/service.



Maximise your business uptime, easily


You’ll also be leveraging the latest technology to help future proof your workplace, while experiencing unlimited remote and on-site support

Discovery Assessment

A Discovery Assessment is an opportunity for Datcom to evaluate your operations and explore solutions that maximise efficiency.

Through a comprehensive review, we’ll recommend the most effective solution or transformation that will not only support your business today, but help drive it into the future.

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