The end of another year is nearly upon us, so those wishing to connect new telecommunications services will need to ensure that they plan around the embargo period.


Upcoming Installation Embargoes

It becomes insanely busy delivering Unlimited Fibre Internet and Ethernet services before the installation embargoes kick in.  We see a huge rush of services trying to be installed before end of year, which does push out technician times and installs.



Due to Fibre technicians, State Roads Departments and Locals Councils all taking a month off over Christmas, NO installation work will happen between Mid-December and Mid-January 2017.  Any services currently in deployment will be placed on pause during this timeframe until embargo is lifted (this is across the whole telco industry)


What to do?

Please let us know should you have any upcoming services that need to be installed this year, we will need to plan well in advance. We are more than happy to accept orders as early as now as it will help us manage our workload and ensure you get your service in the time needed.