Tight deadlines and quick turnaround for installation of a new IT infrastructure with Arcadis

Arcadis successfully teamed up with Datcom to manage and implement a new IT infrastructure at their new Sydney office.

Arcadis is a leading global design, engineering and management consultancy for natural and built assets, with 27,000 employees in over 70 countries. Arcadis works in partnership with their clients to deliver sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their assets. Datcom has a long-standing relationship with their APAC CIO, Laurence Hatem, which has led Datcom to partake in many great opportunities. This includes the ongoing procurement of IT hardware for both permanent locations and pop-up site offices around Australia. One of the larger opportunities took place in September 2017, where Datcom project managed the set up and installation of hardware in their new Sydney office.


Arcadis needed Datcom to manage a quick and smooth relocation of their IT infrastructure to their new Sydney location. There were various threats involved in this project and the key challenges that Datcom faced were tight deadlines and quick turnaround times for logistics and communication.

Datcom was tasked to source new hardware in under a week and install the hardware for 300+ staff over one weekend. As a part of the installation, the Datcom team had to mount 500 monitors onto their new dual-screen stands and then connect each users’ PC, dock, keyboard and mouse to the corresponding 230 desks. The team had to guarantee that each arrangement was configured correctly in order to avoid any downtime for staff on Monday morning. Additionally, the team took precautions to ensure that the cables connecting all the hardware together were efficient and safe for the users. The team then had to dispose of the previous 550 monitor stands and all the boxes that the new hardware arrived in. Datcom had a team of 10 people who made sure that all this work was completed in just two days, over one weekend.

While onsite, Datcom was also required to liaise and work within the space of other contractors that were also a part of the relocation and fit-out. This included coordinating with electricians, labourers and movers who were also on a tight schedule to complete their work by the Monday. The limited available space and time pressure proved to be a challenge that Datcom had to overcome.


Datcom met with Arcadis on multiple occasions and arranged conference calls to determine the thorough details that were involved. Arcadis had also previously requested Datcom to conduct an audit of their current fleet of monitors and desktops during the month of June. This knowledge allowed the Datcom Sales Team to source the necessary and most suitable hardware that Arcadis required and that would also ensure the smooth flow of the project installation. The Sales Team had to work swiftly and within a limited timeframe for Arcadis to resume their business operations uninterrupted. 


Datcom was able to deliver a complete, end-to-end solution for Arcadis – for all the vital stages from qualifying the opportunity, to designing a Statement of Work (SOW) for the Professional Services, and everything in between such as the Sales Team procuring new hardware, delivering the goods in a swift manner, and project managing the installation of the existing and new hardware all in one weekend.

This included setting up and testing all workstations and their docking stations, ensuring efficient and safe cable management for all desks, mounting dual monitors onto the stands, as well as the cleaning and disposing of packaging material. Datcom took care of all the necessary contingencies and made sure all the necessary equipment was deployed to the new office seamlessly.


Through Datcom’s assistance and management, Arcadis benefited with business continuity and no downtime for their 300+ users, despite the relocation. The company was able to resume operation and proceed with business as usual the following Monday morning. Arcadis was satisfied and happy with the quick work turnaround time as well as the delivery of goods and services provided. The relocation showcased Datcom’s flexibility and competencies across project management, planning, design, professional services, engineering, and sales.

“I just want to thank you and the Datcom team for your commitment and exceptional delivery on what was a very complicated time-challenged engagement. We had very few issues with the workstation setups on Monday morning and the vast majority of the feedback from staff was extremely positive.” — Laurence Hatem (CIO Asia & Australia Pacific)


Datcom continues its long-standing relationship with Arcadis, providing infrastructure and implementing service solutions for them on a regular basis.