Managed Connectivity

Maximise your business uptime, easily

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Our experienced professionals will look after your IT environment 24×7. We’ll take care of pro-active maintenance, and fix any problems when they occur. You can also choose from our range of disaster recovery and backup services. Everything is tailored to your needs.

Managed Connectivity

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Be ready for the unthinkable


Will your IT department be fully prepared if disaster strikes? Even if your organisation isn’t required by law to have a DR plan in place – maybe you should be recommending it to your Board.

We have the expertise to set up fully backup-protected workloads. Our service includes spinning up virtual machines, services and applications. We deploy it within one of our own DR datacentres. We provide complete, end-to-end DRaaS management.


Proactive/ Preventative maintenance

Patches, fixes and updates

As you well know, IT system health is essential for maintaining security and stability.

Certified engineers at our NOC will proactively perform your updates, patches, fixes and other preventative maintenance tasks. It’s one of the many ways we can reduce your burden, by plugging into your IT department.


Server / Infrastructure monitoring management (24×7)

Maximise your server uptime

There may be times when your IT staff aren’t available when something goes wrong. Our fully resourced NOC will monitor your infrastructure, and respond to alerts from:

  • Servers, networks, storage & printers
  • Applications & databases
  • Websites & remote services

Monitoring is by Certified engineers with experience across all major platforms.

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It Managers

Services for IT Managers

Maximise IT support with our expertise

We can help you with a wide range of tasks. Whether you need us to handle a platform migration – or general hardware, software or network support.

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Business Owners

Services for Business Owners

We’ll help you focus on your core business

With our help, your teams will be able to collaborate in exciting new ways. We’ll help you connect with your customers, and drive marketplace innovation.

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For CIOs

Services for Cio's

Our teams plug in, when you want to scale up

Whenever your department’s resources are stretched, we can help you scale up as required. Our engineers are highly experienced across all facets of IT.

Discovery Assessment

A Discovery Assessment is an opportunity for Datcom to evaluate your operations and explore solutions that maximise efficiency.

Through a comprehensive review, we’ll recommend the most effective solution or transformation that will not only support your business today, but help drive it into the future.

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