Excellent assistance. Maria was professional, listened to my issues, responded exactly to my questions, did not overwhelm me with additional details, demonstrated clearly and repeated the demonstration to ensure I understood.

This was my first experience of working with Datcom. I had been quite worried about whether I would be able to link in with Sydney office for a meeting and was feeling isolated in a small rural town in Ireland. Such relief now.

We have been relying on Datcom for over 10 years for all our IT needs and requirements.
During this time we have received a professional, courteous and above all a very efficient support for all our IT requirements.

Our business is very dependant on the continuous reliability of our systems, and Datcom has always been available and ready and assist to resolve any minor or major hiccups.

I have personally also been most impressed with time and effort taken in explaining technical issues in simple and practical terms especially since I have no experience or expertise in this area .
This has made my decision making a lot easier and comfortable with the outcome.

Datcom always go above and beyond for our company. They are professional, helpful and reliable. They are always so efficient and prompt with responding to requests and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional IT services.

Datcom are not your average reseller or partner. They’re not all about the sale or their targets. They are in it for the long haul and recognise that through the ups and downs, they will have happier and more dependable customers if they put service and integrity first.

Datcom are the best – an ideal partner in IT and a pleasure to do business with.

Datcom deliver everything they say they will and take the stress out of managing IT. We couldn’t be happier.

Datcom always provide us with expert advice and always support us in delivering complex projects with reduced budgets.