Datcom showcasing at SydneySEC 2023!

Datcom is excited to have our own booth at SydneySEC, one of the biggest cybersecurity conferences in Sydney! 

Datcom showcasing SydneySEC 2023!

At Datcom, we’re excited to have our own booth at SydneySEC this year, one of the biggest cybersecurity conferences in Sydney! This annual conference brings together the brightest minds in the industry to share their expertise, discuss the latest trends and innovations, and collaborate on solutions to the most pressing cybersecurity challenges of our time.

This year, the theme that’s capturing everyone’s attention is the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. The stakes are higher than ever, as the race to develop the most accurate, fast, and credible AI on the market heats up among the tech giants.

While AI is making our lives easier in countless ways, we cannot ignore the fact that cybercriminals are also benefiting from this innovation. Hackers are waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on any opportunity to exploit this innovation for their own gain.

As AI becomes more sophisticated, it will make it easier for criminals to launch highly personalised attacks at scale — for example, spreading deepfake audio and video and generating malicious code that’s difficult to detect.

However, we believe that AI has the potential to be a powerful weapon in the fight against cybercrime. With the right tools and strategies in place, AI-powered cybersecurity solutions can help organisations better understand their business and internal users than any external AI ever could. By leveraging this technology, we can proactively identify vulnerabilities, predict potential threats, and mitigate risks before they can cause lasting damage.

Aside from AI and cybersecurity trends, there’s more to be excited about at SydneySEC. Our team of experts will be on the ground, ready to connect with fellow attendees and exchange knowledge and insights. We believe that by collaborating and learning from one another, we can create a more secure future for everyone.

So, if you’re coming to SydneySEC, be sure to swing by our booth (stand 15), grab some swag, and let’s talk about the future of cybersecurity at your organisation!

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