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Managed communications services

Keeping all communication lines open, seamless, and secure for your organisation.

Key capabilities

Procurement & Vendor Management

Streamlined and cost-efficient technology procurement, from research and recommendations to sourcing, implementation, and management.

What we do

  • Comprehensive assessments of software and hardware
  • Provide impartial recommendations on the most suitable technology for your organisation.
  • Competitive tendering
  • End-to-end vendor contract management, from initiation to compliance monitoring and renegotiations
  • Solution configuration and deployment
  • End-of-life management, including upgrades and licence renewals
  • Asset tracking, with a consolidated view of your hardware and software, including licensing agreements, compliance, budget forecasts, and more

Design & Implementation

Design, deployment, and implementation of multiple communication channels, such as voice, video, and instant messaging, into one unified and fully managed solution.

What we do

  • Design a tailored communications system to connect your teams and customers across different locations, ensuring device and app compatibility and end-to-end security
  • Create a roadmap for building and deploying your integrated communications system, encompassing unified communications; fixed, mobile, and wireless connectivity; and adjunct security services.
  • Execute the roadmap to help your organisation transition to your new and improved communications system.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Full management of your communications infrastructure, including monitoring and optimising performance, protecting against threats, maintaining compliance, and keeping devices and applications up to date.

What we do

  • Manage your entire communications system, including administration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance optimisation
  • Proactively monitor your communications infrastructure — including IP telephony, contact centre operations, videoconferencing, instant messaging, and emails — to resolve issues before they cause a disruption.
  • Apply our comprehensive knowledge of industry standards, requirements, licences, and regulations to help you remain compliant.

Communications Security

Implementation of security tools, policies, and controls, plus 24x7 monitoring of your communications system to detect and remediate threats.

What we do

  • Communications infrastructure security assessments and audits
  • Establish a clear communications security strategy
  • Implementation of security controls and policies
  • Keep you compliant with industry standards, requirements, licences, and regulations
  • Integrate and manage an identity and access management system to ensure only the right administrators have access to your communications system
  • Rapid detection and remediation of threats in your communications infrastructure

Device Lifecycle Management

Full lifecycle management of your communications devices, including sourcing, installation, maintenance, replacement, decommissioning, and recycling.

What we do

  • Research and recommend the most appropriate devices for your organisation
  • Create a device lifecycle management plan
  • Manage upgrades and replacements
  • Wipe all corporate data from devices once they reach the end of their life
  • Manage the recycling of end-of-life product parts

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