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Key capabilities

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (CSRA)

A comprehensive assessment of risks and vulnerabilities within your IT environment and security protocols, undertaken by certified and seasoned experts. 

What we do

  • A vulnerability assessment that takes a close look at every device connected to your network to identify app vulnerabilities, patching issues, improper configuration or setup, and more
  • Inspect your network architecture, including wired and wireless networks, to find any weaknesses in configuration and management
  • Examine your policies on patching and updates, backup and disaster recovery, firewalls, and more to uncover gaps that compromise your security
  • Assess your cloud applications and platforms to determine whether the appropriate security settings are in place
  • Deliver a thorough report on the findings of the assessment and recommendations on how to strengthen your organisation

Technology Procurement

Streamlined and cost-efficient technology procurement, from research and recommendations, to sourcing, implementation, and ongoing management. 

What we do

  • Comprehensive assessments on software and hardware
  • Provide impartial recommendations on the most suitable technology for your organisation
  • Competitive tendering
  • Vendor contract management
  • Solution configuration and deployment
  • End-of-life management, including upgrades and licence renewals
  • Asset tracking, with a consolidated view of your hardware and software, including licensing agreements, compliance, budget forecasts, and more

Penetration Testing

Mimicking adversaries for insight into system vulnerabilities and risky end-user behaviour, and to understand whether your environment can stand up to lurking threats. 

What we do

  • Set the scope of the penetration tests, including the systems to be targeted and the techniques to be used
  • Gather information, such as network domain names and mail servers, for insight into how systems function and their vulnerabilities
  • Inspect your application’s code to understand how it responds to different types of intrusions
  • Exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to your environment using the methods outlined in the scope
  • Maintain access to your systems to understand what happens when the threat lingers in your environment
  • Compile the findings of the penetration test into a report for further analysis

Threat Detection & Response 

Full 24x7 monitoring, detection, triage, investigation, and response to security threats, led by seasoned Security Operations Centre analysts. 

What we do

  • Develop a clear and precise threat detection and response plan
  • Proactive threat hunting and investigation
  • Rapid threat assessments with automated alert prioritisation
  • Maintain a consolidated, real-time view of your assets, vulnerabilities, and malicious activities
  • Aggregate and correlate information on past security incidents across all your devices, apps, and servers
  • Maintain a consistent level of protection across all endpoints

Backup & Disaster Recovery 

Setup and management of all necessary layers of protection to ensure minimal disruption and rapid recovery in the event of a cyber attack, physical disaster, or accidental deletion. 

What we do

  • Develop a clear backup and disaster recovery plan for getting your organisation up and running rapidly after a disaster
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of data protection technology
  • Manage the replication and archiving of multiple data types, including apps, files, and virtual machines
  • Ensure your organisation is in compliance with relevant regulations, such as those on the scope and storage of financial records, encryption of customer data, datacentre access restrictions, security breach response plans, and other requirements
  • Vendor relationship and contract management

Data Loss Prevention

Setup, configuration, and monitoring of DLP technology and policies, ensuring users do not share sensitive or confidential information outside our network, whether accidental or not.

What we do

  • Create a data risk management strategy and plan
  • Develop multi-rule DLP policies for groups and individual users to protect the privacy of sensitive information
  • Implement, maintain, and manage DLP technology to ensure full visibility of data flows and protection against insider threats and attempts at data exfiltration
  • Monitor for threats that put your data at risk and take swift action to prevent unauthorised access or sharing
  • Auditing, compliance checks, and reporting on your data security
  • Review and improve security policies and procedures as the threats change

Email Security

Virus scanning, spam scoring, reputation checks, intent analysis, and other methods to stop your information from landing in the wrong inbox. 

What we do

  • Create and enforce multi-rule email security policies on quarantining, allow and deny lists, and end-user controls
  • Setup, configuration, maintenance, and management of email security solutions
  • Maintain full visibility over email activity
  • Monitor and scan inbound and outbound email traffic for viruses, spam, malware, and other threats
  • Detailed reporting on email usage and threat activity
  • Regular reviews of email security configuration, policies, compliance, and threat trends

Network Security

24x7 monitoring of your networks, with threats quickly detected, investigated, contained, and remediated to minimise disruption and other consequences. 

What we do

  • Provide tailored recommendations on network security technologies with defined service levels
  • Installation, configuration, and ongoing management of routers, WAN and LAN switches, SD-WAN, Wireless LAN, and VPN technologies
  • 24x7 monitoring of network traffic and bandwidth
  • Firewall management, including bandwidth monitoring and reviews of the effectiveness of firewall rules
  • Comprehensive audits of servers, routers, workstations, and gateways for undetected risks
  • Comprehensive reporting on your network security, including security incidents, managed firewalls, user traffic, VPN traffic, and more

Cloud Security

Implementation of cloud security tools, policies, and controls, plus 24x7 monitoring of your cloud environments and applications to detect and remediate threats.

What we do

  • Cloud infrastructure security assessments and audits
  • Establish a robust cloud security strategy
  • Implementation of cloud-native security controls, as well as additional components like Network Access Control Lists for firewalls and Distributed Denial of Service mitigation
  • Integrate and manage an identity and access management system to ensure only the right administrators have access to cloud configuration settings
  • Rapid detection and remediation of threats in your cloud environment and applications
  • Monitor and maintain compliance with industry standards for data security
  • Establish a disaster recovery failover environment
  • Manage data loss prevention

Compliance Management 

Monitoring your compliance with local, global, and industry-specific standards and regulations for data security, and implementing necessary changes to maintain compliance. 

What we do

  • Perform regular audits of your entire IT environment
  • Use the audit reports to determine what changes need to be made to ensure your data is accessed, stored, and transmitted in a secure and legally defensible manner
  • Maintain your compliance with local and global security standards and regulations, including ISO27001, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential 8, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority CPS 234, the General Data Protection Regulation, and more
  • Install and manage a Privileged Access Management solution to help deliver cross-platform, least-privilege access to your assets

Password Management

Full lifecycle management of passwords, from password generation to advanced protection, through 24x7 monitoring of logins, password sharing activity, and compromised credentials. 

What we do

  • Rollout of password management systems
  • Secure setup of new users and removal of old ones
  • Password generation with Multi-Factor Authentication support
  • Secure password sharing
  • Password strength & reuse monitoring
  • DarkWeb monitoring for password leaks

Identity & Access Management

Full lifecycle management of your identity and access management system, ensuring consistent user access policies are enforced across cloud, mobile, and desktop applications. 

What we do

  • Comprehensive IAM assessments to identify weaknesses in existing policies and procedures, understand who has or needs access to which systems, and determine how you can enhance your overall identity governance program
  • Creation and enforcement of consistent identity-based policies across your apps and devices
  • Manage single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and situationally or contextually based access control
  • Regular reporting on IAM usage, effectiveness, areas of improvement, and recommendations

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Australian-based Security Operations Centre monitoring your environment for suspicious activity around the clock, and swinging into action to investigate and contain​ threats.

What we do

  • Develop an incident response plan, clearly outlining the steps that need to be taken following a security incident, including who is responsible for what actions, and the metrics to be used determine the effectiveness of an incident response
  • End-to-end management of security incident and event management systems to help detect, investigate, and triage threats immediately
  • Proactive threat hunting to catch and contain threats that have slipped past automated defences
  • Compliance monitoring and maintenance, ensuring all applications, systems, security tools and processes comply with data security regulations and standards
  • Maintain your security tools by applying software patches and upgrades in a timely manner
  • Finetune your security measures by updating firewalls, whitelists and blacklists, and policies and procedures

Proactive Cyber Risk Management 

Continuous monitoring of your IT environment to prevent intrusions, as well as uncovering trends across past incidents that could link to a bigger security problem. 

What we do

  • Routine assessments of your IT environment to identify vulnerabilities, using a combination of human intelligence and technologies like security incident and event management systems
  • Identifying trends across past security incidents that could be related to a greater problem
  • Developing an emergency action protocol detailing relevant policies and procedures for responding to a security incident, as well as who is responsible for what action
  • Putting your systems to the ultimate test to uncover vulnerabilities within your systems and user behaviour
  • Training employees on cybersecurity best practices

Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

Develop, implement, manage, and optimise your cybersecurity awareness training program to ensure staff at all levels understand the role they play in protecting your organisation.

What we do

  • Conduct a needs analysis to determine the maturity of your existing security awareness program, identify your specific cybersecurity needs and training objectives
  • Select the right training content for your needs
  • Prepare your communications strategy
  • Manage training programs for common threats, including malware, phishing, and ransomware
  • Manage advanced cybersecurity training for IT, data, and digital teams
  • Build the cyber literacy of management, board, and executive teams
  • Monitor staff performance and adjust individual training components to improve learning outcomes
  • Evaluate the overall performance of the cybersecurity awareness training program and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Deploy the improvements to your cybersecurity awareness training program

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