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Key capabilities

IT Infrastructure Audit

An independent, in-depth health check on all aspects of your IT environment for insights into how effectively your technology is supporting your strategic goals and solving your challenges.

What we do

  • Establish the purpose and objectives, scope, and criteria for the audit
  • Comprehensive analysis of your cloud infrastructure, IT assets, access controls, network components (e.g. routers and switches), security systems, back-up and recovery procedures, data loss prevention platforms, telecommunications setup, applications, and remote-working arrangements to identify security risks, governance and compliance issues, inefficiencies, and other weaknesses
  • Deliver a detailed report with actionable recommendations on hardware fixes, options for increasing savings (e.g. maintenance costs), mitigating security risks, meeting compliance requirements, and more
  • Provide support in implementing the recommendations
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the recommendations and provide advice on optimisation

IT Consulting

Independent expert guidance on your IT project, from current-state assessments and strategy planning, to solution design, development, and optimisation.

What we consult on:

  • IT strategy and planning
  • Solution architecture, development, and implementation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Proactive risk management
  • Governance and compliance
  • Data management and analytics
  • Cloud migration and management
  • Business process automation
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Business continuity planning
  • Communications systems
  • IT staffing
  • IT support

IT Strategy & Planning

Working hand-in-hand with the leadership team to clarify your existing operating environment and help you craft an IT strategic plan that aligns with your business goals and needs.

What we do

  • Full assessment of your existing IT strategy, including information on governance, risk management, cybersecurity, KPIs, staffing, and more
  • Create an IT strategy plan document detailing the vision, strategic goals and objectives, proposed actions and timelines, and roles and responsibilities.
  • Oversee the execution of the IT strategy.
  • Review and update the strategic plan document to adapt to change and meet your goals.

Digital Transformation

Best-practice guidance at every stage of your transformation lifecycle, from planning and design to implementation, operation, and continuous improvement.

What we do

  • Understand your organisation’s requirements to determine scope, risks, and return on investment.
  • Provide a detailed plan on the steps required to execute the transformation, including recommendations on your specific implementation and the KPIs for measuring the success of the transformation.
  • Design custom solutions that align with your strategic goals and needs
  • Solution implementation, upgrades, and enhancements
  • Boost the capabilities of your teams, so your organisation can adapt to change and achieve your strategic goals faster

IT Recruitment

Expert guidance on how to identify, train, recruit, and retain the best possible talent to fill your vacancy, from technical specialists and developers through to senior strategic and leadership roles.

What we do

  • Analyse your available jobs and budget
  • Analyse whether you have the talent to meet your immediate, short-term, or long-term needs
  • Create job descriptions and key criteria for technology-related roles
  • Conduct talent searches to identify potential talent for high-value roles
  • Assess job applications to identify candidates that best meet the needs of a particular role
  • Assist your HR or recruitment teams in interviewing candidates for technical roles
  • Conduct thorough and comprehensive background checks on prospective candidates

IT Project Management

Managing project planning, timelines, resource allocation, risk mitigation, and project supervision to ensure the success of your IT project.

What we do

  • Project planning by experts in IT systems, cybersecurity, cloud, network, telecommunications, automation, data loss prevention, and more
  • Managing internal & external teams involved in your project
  • Solution specification design
  • Solution implementation
  • Project performance monitoring
  • Report on project progress to senior management and stakeholders
  • Issues management throughout the project lifecycle
  • Report on project budgets, issues, and risks

Change Management

Removing barriers to the adoption of new systems, processes, and technologies through a tailored, human-centric change management program.

What we do

  • Determine your organisation’s readiness and appetite for change
  • Develop a change management plan, including benchmarks for success and metrics to measure the results of the program
  • Create a communications plan to help people understand the path, purpose and potential of the change
  • Engage the executive and management teams on their role in driving change
  • Provide training to ensure employees equipped with the right skills to adopt new technology
  • Monitor the results of the change management program and make adjustments as necessary to improve outcomes

Network Assessments

A deep dive into your network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and potential bottlenecks, plus recommendations on how to improve network availability, performance, and capabilities.

What we do

  • Evaluate your existing network, communications systems, software, hardware, and more, taking into consideration the needs of your customers and employees
  • Create audit reports to determine what changes need to be made to ensure your data is accessed, stored, and transmitted in a secure and legally defensible manner
  • Provide tailored recommendations on network security technologies with defined service levels
  • Design your network architecture based on your organisation’s needs, with a security-first approach
  • Create a strategy and roadmap for building and implementing your network infrastructure
  • Install and configure routers, WAN and LAN switches, SD-WAN, Wireless LAN, VPN technologies, and other physical or virtual networking equipment
  • Test the network for issues or areas of improvement
  • Network performance analysis based on KPIs such as uptime, latency, packet loss, throughput, jitter, VoIP quality, and more

IT Roadmapping

Turning your strategic vision into a timeline of key project deliverables and milestones, to ensure the direction, expectations, and KPIs are clear to all stakeholders.

What we do

Define your requirements, including the justification for the investment, specifications, and desired outcomes

  • Provide impartial recommendations on the most suitable technology for your organisation
  • Create a detailed solution development plan and allocate the appropriate resources to execute the plan
  • Secure buy-in from executive and leadership teams
  • Prepare a go-to-market plan

Solution Architecture Design

A detailed framework that provides a solid foundation for building solutions that align with your strategic goals and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing IT environment.

What we do

  • Comprehensive assessments of your on-premises IT resources and capabilities to evaluate future costs, as well as whether workloads will function smoothly after migration
  • Determine the depth of the project, the schedule, and the technology needed to meet your requirements
  • Document and share the technical vision, including recommendations on the most suitable cloud hosting platforms, applications, networks, and other technology for your organisation, including specifications
  • Engage stakeholders on the solution architecture design for feedback and alignment

Implementation Services

Expert-led implementation of the technology you need to advance your projects, in line with the strategic roadmap that’s developed for your project.

What we do

  • Create an implementation plan with actions, timelines, documentation, and resources
  • Define all workflow and operations requirements
  • Build, install, configure, and optimise your new technology
  • Ensure smooth Integration between new and existing solutions
  • Establish security controls, such as system tracking and user policy enforcement, to protect your data in the event of a disruption
  • Provide training to ensure people have the skills to use your new solutions

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Independent assessment of risks and vulnerabilities within your IT environment and security protocols, undertaken by certified experts.

What we do

  • A vulnerability assessment that takes a close look at every device connected to your network to identify app vulnerabilities, patching issues, improper configuration or setup, and more
  • Inspect your network architecture, including wired and wireless networks, to find any weaknesses in configuration and management
  • Examine your policies on patching and updates, backup and disaster recovery, firewalls, and more to uncover gaps that compromise your security
  • Assess your cloud applications and platforms to determine whether the appropriate security settings are in place
  • Deliver a thorough report on the findings of the assessment and recommendations on how to strengthen your organisation

Penetration Testing

Mimicking adversaries for insight into system vulnerabilities and risky end-user behaviour, and to understand whether your environment can stand up to lurking threats.

What we do

  • Set the scope of the penetration tests, including the systems to be targeted and the techniques to be used
  • Gather information, such as network domain names and mail servers, for insight into how systems function and their vulnerabilities
  • Inspect your application’s code to understand how it responds to different types of intrusions
  • Exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to your environment using the methods outlined in the scope
  • Maintain access to your systems to understand what happens when the threat lingers in your environment
  • Compile the findings of the penetration test into a report for further analysis

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Develop, implement, manage, and optimise your cybersecurity awareness training program to ensure staff at all levels understand the role they play in protecting your organisation.

What we do

  • Conduct a needs analysis to determine the maturity of your existing security awareness program, identify your specific cybersecurity needs and training objectives
  • Select the right training content for your needs
  • Prepare your communications strategy
  • Manage training programs for common threats, including malware, phishing, and ransomware
  • Manage advanced cybersecurity training for IT, data, and digital teams
  • Build the cyber literacy of management, board, and executive teams
  • Monitor staff performance and adjust individual training components to improve learning outcomes
  • Evaluate the overall performance of the cybersecurity awareness training program and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Deploy the improvements to your cybersecurity awareness training program

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Establishing all the necessary layers of protection to ensure minimal disruption and rapid recovery in the event of a cyber attack, physical disaster, or accidental deletion.

What we do

  • Develop a clear backup and disaster recovery plan for getting your organisation up and running rapidly after a disaster
  • Installation, configuration, and optimisation of data protection technology
  • Handle the replication and archiving of multiple data types, including apps, files, and virtual machines
  • Setup of long-term off-site data archives
  • Archive on-premises data to cloud
  • Back up on-premises workloads, applications and data to the cloud
  • Establish a disaster recovery failover environment
  • Ensure your applications and data are accessed, stored, and transmitted in a secure and legally defensible manner
  • Ensure your organisation is in compliance with relevant regulations, such as those on the scope and storage of financial records, encryption of customer data, datacentre access restrictions, security breach response plans, and other requirements

Business Continuity Planning

A comprehensive plan to ensure no disruption can take your organisation off course, including backups, clear contingency plans, and failover solutions.

What we do

  • Review your existing business continuity plan (BCP) for any weaknesses
  • Develop a BCP business case for board submission
  • Lead or assist in the development of all stages of a business continuity program
  • Provide assistance in conducting crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery exercises
  • Implement secure off-site backups of your data and systems

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