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ICT procurement services

Researching, sourcing, and rolling out technology that works together in harmony and gives you confidence about your investment decisions.

Key capabilities

Assessment & Recommendations

Thorough evaluation of different hardware, software, and networks based on your needs and goals, and impartial recommendations on the vendors that are best for you.

What we do

  • Develop a comprehensive procurement process from sourcing to settlement and beyond
  • Define your requirements, including the justification for the investment, specifications, and desired outcomes.
  • Obtain the necessary approvals to start the procurement management process
  • Assess vendor data to determine whether they comply with your internal policies
  • Evaluate and recommend the most appropriate vendors based on your requirements

Deployment & Configuration

Rollout of new technology without causing any disruption to the user experience, from installations and configuration through to complex integrations.

What we do

  • Develop a sequential list of tasks for technicians to follow during the installation and configuration process to ensure consistency.
  • Assembly of rack and stack hardware
  • Configuration of network connections and hardware
  • Item-level configuration of servers, including operating system, patches, and memory
  • Software installation and setup
  • Implement security controls, such as system tracking and user policy enforcement, to protect your data in case of device loss or theft.
  • Configuration documentation outlining information on the function, design, development, and performance of a configuration item

Contract Management

Contract initiation, development, negotiation, administration, maintenance, and review to ensure you’re getting maximum value from your investments.

What we do

  • Develop a contract management plan.
  • Build a contract risk management plan
  • Initiate and create contracts based on established agreements
  • Track the progress of contract reviews and approvals, and statements of work
  • Ensure continued compliance with terms and conditions
  • Document and agree on contractual changes
  • Manage contract renewals and extensions
  • Conduct contract price and performance reviews
  • Make sure the contract complies with regulatory standards and internal policies.
  • Remediate or replace vendor contracts in the event of underperformance or other issues

Asset Management

Discovery, tracking, maintenance, and disposal of your assets throughout their entire lifecycle, ensuring maximum performance, security, and cost-efficiency along the way.

What we do

  • Asset discovery auditing
  • Performance monitoring and optimisation
  • Preventative maintenance to prolong the life and value of your assets
  • Regular asset reporting, providing insight into budget allocation, product adoption and usage, performance, employee productivity, and more

End-of-Life Management

Proactive management of your asset lifecycle, with detailed planning for when it’s time to upgrade your hardware and renew your licensing subscriptions

What we do

  • Create a product lifecycle management plan
  • Manage hardware upgrades and replacements
  • Take care of licensing subscription renewals
  • Wipe all corporate data from hardware and software once they reach the end of their life
  • Manage the recycling of end-of-life product parts

Vendor Relationship Management

Strong relationships with vendors mean you get the best deals now and in the future, the highest performance standards, and reliable customer service.

What we do

  • Manage communications with vendors
  • Sit on your side of the bargaining table to negotiate vendor contracts
  • Diversify the supply chain to combine the different strengths of vendors
  • Regularly evaluate vendor performance to determine whether they’re delivering on their commitments
  • Periodically compare your vendor with other options in the market to renegotiate contracts
  • Review vendor contracts and discuss potential changes

Industries we support

Medical & healthcare

Accounting & finance


Public sector




Media & entertainment



Real estate & property

Information Technology

Customer success stories

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