Case Study

RF CorVal: Less interruptions, more productivity

Datcom works together with RF CorVal for much-needed server upgrades and timely fixes to minimise downtime.

RF CorVal: interruptions, productivity


RF CorVal was established in 2009 and specialises in property fund management and investment that manages funds on behalf of a broad range of investors, including large Australian institutions, family offices, offshore groups, and both high-net-worth and retail investors.


RF CorVal initially reached out to Datcom as they were having issues with their current provider at the time and having to deal with unresponsive engineers when a ticket was raised. Their server was also severely outdated and performing inadequately.

On top of this, the company not only didn’t have a stable internet connection but also didn’t have a standard operating environment (SOE), which was another cause for concern.


After meeting with Datcom, RF CorVal wanted to focus on migrating to the cloud in order to work remotely; they wanted to ensure that their business was protected while having an efficient and supportive IT provider.

Datcom’s solution architect was able to create a solution tailored to RF CorVal’s exact needs, which would ensure that their business could run smoothly without headaches. Datcom was able to deliver everything that RF CorVal needed to move their business forward, including a significant improvement and increase in their internet speed, which was completed by building fibre 400 into their site.

The Results

Since RF CorVal and Datcom teamed up, their office now uses commercial-grade hardware with warranty support and is now fully protected. RF CorVal also now has a standard environment where they can log onto any computer as well as work remotely. With the improvements fully implemented, the RF CorVal team can now do everyday tasks without any interruptions and focus on how they can grow the business. The Datcom sales team is also able to assist in quoting and ordering products and purchasing any new hardware for RF CorVal when needed. If and when there are any minor hiccups along the way, RF CorVal puts its trust in the Datcom team to resolve issues swiftly.

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